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Medical Services

Carle Foundation Hospital

Based in Urbana, Ill., the Carle Foundation Hospital is a 393-bed regional care hospital that has achieved Magnet® designation. It is the area's only Level 1 Trauma Center.

611 W. Park Street, Urbana, IL 61802   |   (217) 383-3311

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center is comprised of a 25-bed critical access hospital and medical clinic based in Hoopeston, Illinois.

701 E. Orange Street, Hoopeston, IL 60942   |   (217) 283-5531

Convenient Care vs. ED

Carle Convenient Care offers same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries through walk-in appointments.

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Emergency Department 93 mins
Champaign on Curtis No Data Available
Danville on Fairchild No Data Available
Mattoon on Hurst No Data Available
Urbana on Windsor No Data Available


Philanthropy gives hope to patients and helps take health care in our community to a whole new level.

Classes & Events

Carle offers free community events open to members of the public. Select a category to view the calendar of upcoming events.

Do you need help paying your medical bill?

At Carle, we believe that the cost of health care should not stop anyone from receiving necessary care. We offer a number of options for families struggling to pay their health care bills, including convenient payment plans and free or discounted care. We have many financial assistance programs including the Community Care Discount Program and the Illinois Hospital Uninsured Patient Discount Program.

Please note that the Community Care Discount Program is different than the Hoopeston Charity Care program. If you are interested in receiving discounted services at Carle Hoopeston, learn more.

Carle Community Care Discount Program en Espanol »

Services Included in the Program

Community Care applies to medically necessary services provided by:

  • Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Carle Physician Group
  • Carle Home Health Services
  • Carle Therapy Services
  • Carle SurgiCenter - Champaign
  • Carle SurgiCenter - Danville
  • Carle Arrow Ambulance
  • Carle Medical Supply

Not all services are covered by the Community Care Discount Program; please check with a patient financial services representative to see if your visit will be covered.

For further details about the Carle Community Care Discount Program, read the Carle Community Care Policy.

How We Can Help

When you’re ill, we want you to concentrate on getting well instead of worrying about your bill. Our patient financial services staff is available to assist you or to direct you to the most appropriate person to help with your needs. Their services include:

  • Checking insurance coverage
  • Identifying “holes” in that coverage
  • Looking for alternative methods of coverage
  • Assisting patients in filling out insurance forms
  • Helping patients apply for public assistance
  • Setting up payment plans
  • Helping patients who apply for Carle’s Community Care Discount Program

Assessing Your Need

Whether you are in the hospital or at your doctor's office, a member of the patient financial services staff is available to speak with you about your financial status. It’s their job to help you evaluate your insurance coverage and help you understand your options, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Let Us Know You Need Help

Please let the receptionist at check-in, your patient financial services representative or your nurse know if you will need help with your bill. We won’t necessarily know you need help unless you tell us that you do.

Community Care Discount Program

Carle offers a Community Care Discount Program to provide free or discounted care to those who qualify. Here are some general guidelines about the program:

  1. Eligibility is based on a review of your family’s income during the past 12 months. We will ask you to provide documentation about your income and will ask questions about your financial assets, including savings accounts and investments. Assets do not include your primary residence, car or funds in official retirement accounts.
  2. We will approve discounted care only after all third-party insurance payments, worker’s compensation, public aid or other payments have been received. Discounts will be applied to the balance due after all such payments are received.
  3. Before granting discounted care, we may ask you to apply for public assistance. Carle will be happy to help you fill out application forms.
  4. In addition to new patients, the program is also open to those who received treatment previously but have had a change in their financial status and can no longer pay their medical bills.
  5. Community Care Discount Program benefits will extend for one year from the date of approval. In order to continue receiving a discount, a new application must be submitted for review annually.
  6. Community Care Discount Program benefits will only be extended to individuals who live in Illinois and certain Indiana counties (Benton, Fountain, Montgomery, Parke, Putnam, Vermilion and Warren).

Discount Table (Carle Effective Date: 4/13/2015)

If your family size is: And your family income is at or below:
1 $23,540.00 $27,071.00 $31,779.00 $35,310.00 $47,080.00 $70,620.00
2 $31,860.00 $36,639.00 $43,011.00 $47,790.00 $63,720.00 $95,580.00
3 $40,180.00 $46,207.00 $54,243.00 $60,270.00 $80,360.00 $120,540.00
4 $48,500.00 $55,775.00 $65,475.00 $72,750.00 $97,000.00 $145,500.00
5 $56,820.00 $65,343.00 $76,707.00 $85,230.00 $113,640.00 $170,460.00
6 $65,140.00 $74,911.00 $87,939.00 $97,710.00 $130,280.00 $195,420.00
7 $73,460.00 $84,479.00 $99,171.00 $110,190.00 $146,920.00 $220,380.00
8 $81,780.00 $94,047.00 $110,403.00 $122,670.00 $163,560.00 $245,340.00
  You receive a discount of:
  100% 75% 50% 25% Cap 40% of income Uninsured discount income max
Your Carle out-of-pocket medical expenses are limited to 40% of our annual gross income, ONLY if you are uninsured or underinsured and earn at or below the 400% poverty level.
% of Federal Poverty Level 200% 230% 270% 300% 400% 600%

* As of 1/22/15 Federal Register Vol. 80, No. 14

Submit an Application

Community Care Discount Program applications are available at registration points at all of our clinics and the Hospital. The application can also be downloaded as a PDF in English and en Español.

Once completed, you can mail your application to Carle Patient Financial Services, PO Box 6002, Urbana IL 61803. You may also come by and drop it off at any Carle front desk or office at the Hospital or within any of our clinics.

If you are not accepted into the Community Care Discount Program, staff can assist you with the appeal process. The first step is to contact Carle Patient Financial Services by calling (888) 71-CARLE (712-2753).

Additional Discount Options

Regardless of income level, if you are uninsured and pay your first guarantor bill in full by the due date, you may be eligible for a 25 percent discount upon request. Contact Carle Patient Financial Services at (888) 71-CARLE (712-2753) for more information.

Uninsured hospital patients who meet certain income, asset and residency requirements may qualify for an uninsured discount, and your annual Carle hospital expenses may be limited to 25 percent of your gross income.

Download the uninsured discount application »

If You Have Other Questions

It’s our goal to help you understand your financial assistance options and to help whenever possible. Information and applications are available online. If you have questions, please call a financial services representative at Carle Patient Financial Services at (888) 71-CARLE (712-2753).

Here’s our contact information:

Carle Patient Financial Services
PO Box 6002, Urbana IL 61803
Phone: (888) 71-CARLE (712-2753)

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