Carle chooses Nuance Communications for medical transcription

Carle will transition its medical transcription to Nuance Communications, Inc., beginning November 15.
Under terms of the agreement, all Carle medical transcriptionists, approximately 34 staff members, will be given the opportunity to become employed by Nuance. The nature of work for those individuals would not change and they would continue working from home offices using Carle-gifted computers.

Carle greatly values the expertise, experience and many years of service the medical transcriptionists have provided and looks forward to continued partnerships. Patients will see no change in the high quality care they expect from Carle and patient records will remain highly secure.

Carle has contracted with Nuance, a national leader in medical transcription, since 2005 using voice recognition software that has resulted in improved productivity, accuracy and significant savings for the organization. Using voice recognition combined with staff expertise, physician notes are transcribed into the patient record in the most efficient and effective manner.

It is imperative that Carle continually review systems and programs to ensure that valuable healthcare resources are being used in the most responsible manner. By partnering with Nuance, Carle has provided employees affected by this change an opportunity to continue working on Carle business while maintaining health records with the highest integrity.

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