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Medical Services

Carle Foundation Hospital

Based in Urbana, Ill., the Carle Foundation Hospital is a 413-bed regional care hospital that has achieved Magnet® designation. It is the area's only Level 1 Trauma Center.

611 W. Park Street, Urbana, IL 61802   |   (217) 383-3311

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center is comprised of a 24-bed critical access hospital and medical clinic based in Hoopeston, Illinois.

701 E. Orange Street, Hoopeston, IL 60942   |   (217) 283-5531

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital

Located in Olney, Ill., Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is a 134-bed hospital with nearly 600 employees serving portions of eight counties in southeastern Illinois.

800 East Locust St, Olney, IL 62459   |   (618) 395-2131

Convenient Care vs. ED

Carle Convenient Care offers same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries through walk-in appointments.

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Philanthropy gives hope to patients and helps take health care in our community to a whole new level.

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Carle Center for Philanthropy

Giving to Carle

Enthusiastic healthcare philanthropists

Carle’s success is due in large part to the support of many enthusiastic healthcare philanthropists. Thanks to their charitable gifts, Carle is able to build upon its great legacy and, more importantly, move forward in new areas. We are grateful for their generosity and honored to share their stories with you.

Cardiologist pledges gift to Carle Heart and Vascular Institute

Malec Mokraoui credits his father for much of the life he knows now. As a young boy, he was very good at math and physics. So when his father, a teacher and principal, suggested medical school, Malec didn’t argue.

“I have to thank my father for all this,” the Carle physician says with a smile. Dr. Mokraoui, his wife Zahia and four children arrived in east central Illinois in 2001, when he accepted a position as a cardiologist at Carle in Danville. Last year, he was named Physician of the Year by Provena United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville.

The Mokraouis are passionate about helping people and have pledged their financial support of the new Carle Heart and Vascular Institute. “I grew up during the war in Algeria,” Dr. Mokraoui shares. “I know how important it is to donate to community and preserve well being.”

It was the Mokraouis’ desire to make a positive impact by doing something good for the community that prompted them to sponsor an area of the new Carle Heart and Vascular Institute. The named area honors his dedication to Carle and his family. The gift is the Mokraouis’ first major gift to an organization and the single largest donation ever received by Carle from a practicing Carle physician.

According to Dr. Mokraoui, this project is long overdue for a community the size of Champaign-Urbana. “It’s very beneficial to the community,” he says. “I hope our gift helps make it the center of excellence for patients in central Illinois.”

Giving back is something Dr. Mokraoui has wanted to do for a long time. “I just needed to find the proper place to give to,” he explains.

With the Carle Heart and Vascular Institute, Dr. Mokraoui knows exactly what the money will benefit and how it will be used. “Our community will benefit from better space, better equipment, improved physician recruitment and the latest technology,” he concludes.

Keeping Carle a strong community partner

"Carle is a very special place to us," George Timmons admits, despite the fact that he and his wife, Susie, live miles from Carle's main campus.

While Susie credits Carle with being the birthplace of their three children, George credits Carle with saving his life after he suffered a heart attack.

"Because of Carle's outreach, the emergency room staff at Kirby Hospital had access to clot-busting medication that restored my blood flow and stabilized me for the ambulance ride to Carle," he explains.

As one of the first members of The Carle Foundation Board of Trustees to live outside the immediate area, George was an advocate for great healthcare close to home.

"I think of Carle as a regional health center," George says. "We feel ownership in Carle, and helping Carle keep up with technology and medicine is important for everybody."

For more than two decades, George and Susie have made Carle a part of their charitable giving routine. Their cumulative gifts make them members of the Founder's Society. The collective support of this giving club enables Carle to remain innovative and responsive to changes in medicine.

George and Susie were some of the first supporters of telemedicine. This revolutionary system uses cutting-edge video collaboration to connect board-certified specialists at Carle with healthcare providers and patients in rural communities.

"We liked the fact that patients are able to receive high quality medical assistance delivered by Carle physicians without leaving their local community," George explains. "Carle is extremely important to our community."

Giving back to honor exceptional care

Fran Hinesly isn't shy about sharing her feelings, especially about Carle. "They do a good job," she states as a matter of fact.

Fran should know. She's been a Carle patient since her arrival in Urbana in the 1960s. "When we first arrived, I asked my husband's boss for the name of a bank and a doctor," she recalls with a smile. "I was told Busey and Dr. Dukes."

Dr. Richard E. Dukes was a Carle pediatrician from 1946 to 1980. "Our two children saw Dr. Dukes until they could no longer fit in the waiting room chairs," she says with a laugh. Her son, Chris, and his wife, Susan, now live in Champaign while Fran's daughter, Lisa, and her husband, Jim, live in Mooresville, North Carolina.

When Fran wanted a part-time position that would allow her to be home by 3:30 p.m. every day, she became a receptionist at Busey Bank. She spent the next 40 years moving up through the Busey ranks and eventually retired as executive vice president of the retail division.

"I didn't plan on banking as a career but liked working with clients, many of whom were Carle physicians," Fran recalls.

In 1988, Fran became a member of the Carle Circle of Friends with a gift in support of Carle's greatest need. She's been a loyal supporter ever since.

When her husband Tom was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006, he spent many days in Carle Foundation Hospital. "I was very impressed with the doctors and nurses on the oncology floor," Fran says. "After I lost Tom eight months later, I knew I wanted to do something to give back."

Fran joined the Carle Auxiliary and volunteered at one of the hospital's information desk. She also increased her support of Carle and redirected her gifts to Mills Breast Cancer Institute.

Now 80 years old, Fran remains a loyal philanthropist and friend of Carle. "Carle does an excellent job," she says. "It's good to have them here."

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