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Medical Services

Carle Foundation Hospital

Based in Urbana, Ill., the Carle Foundation Hospital is a 413-bed regional care hospital that has achieved Magnet® designation. It is the area's only Level 1 Trauma Center.

611 W. Park St, Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 383-3311

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center

Carle Hoopeston Regional Health Center is comprised of a 24-bed critical access hospital and medical clinic based in Hoopeston, Illinois.

701 E. Orange St, Hoopeston, IL 60942
(217) 283-5531

Carle Richland Memorial Hospital

Located in Olney, Ill., Carle Richland Memorial Hospital is a 104-bed hospital with nearly 600 employees serving portions of eight counties in southeastern Illinois.

800 E. Locust St, Olney, IL 62450
(618) 395-2131

Convenient Care vs. ED

Carle Convenient Care and Convenient Care Plus offer same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries through walk-in appointments.

Not sure where to go? Click here for a list of conditions appropriate for the emergency department

*These locations are Convenient Care Plus locations.

Champaign on Curtis No Data Available
Danville on Fairchild* No Data Available
Emergency Department No Data Available
Carle Foundation Hospital* No Data Available
Hoopeston at Charlotte Ann Russell No Data Available
Hoopeston Regional Health Center No Data Available
Mattoon on Hurst* No Data Available
Urbana on Windsor No Data Available


Philanthropy gives hope to patients and helps take health care in our community to a whole new level.

Specialty Pharmacy

What is Carle Specialty Pharmacy?

Carle Specialty Pharmacy is a part of the Carle Foundation and provides medications for complex disease states that are high touch/high cost including but not limited to:

  • Rheumatology
  • Oncology
  • Digestive health
  • Dermatology
  • Hematology
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

Our dedicated staff work closely with doctors and insurance companies to provide specialty medication as quickly and affordable as possible. Our staff conducts a detailed benefit investigation, including finding copay assistance opportunities such as manufacturer discounts for commercially insured patients and financial assistance programs for those with government funded insurance. We conduct initial and ongoing clinical assessments to monitor the suitability of therapy.

Our pharmacy staff makes delivery arrangements with our patients for each prescription fill, making sure that each delivery fits conveniently into patient’s schedules. A licensed pharmacist is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any urgent questions or concerns.

Hours of Operation

Carle Specialty Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm, except during company holidays. We provide 24-hour on-call service, 7 days per week to ensure that patients receive adequate medical care. A licensed pharmacist is on-call to accept patient calls and to arrange services for patient emergencies as needed. You can reach the Specialty Pharmacy by calling (217)383-8700 or by using the toll-free number (800)239-3620. The fax number for the Specialty Pharmacy is (217)355-6789.

How to place a prescription order

Patients can fill their specialty prescriptions with Carle Specialty Pharmacy by contacting and providing information about their insurance coverage, medication, and doctor’s information. The pharmacy staff will contact the doctor to get appropriate paper work. Alternatively, a patient can contact their doctor directly and have the doctor send the prescription via phone, fax, or electronic script.

How to obtain a refill

Pharmacy staff will monitor patient refill schedule and contact patients before medication runs out to check on treatment progress and arrange delivery. Contact our pharmacy at (217)383-8700 before medication runs out, if there is a change in treatment plan, or if you have any questions or concerns.

How to access medication in case of an emergency or disaster

If an emergency/disaster situation arises that requires a patient to leave their home, patients should call our pharmacy to inform staff where to deliver their medication. Patients should continue to take their medication as directed, and inform us at (217)383-8700 when they are able to return home.

How to check on a prescription status

Staff at Carle Specialty Pharmacy are dedicated to keep our patients informed of their care. Pharmacy staff will keep the patient informed of the status of the medication as it progress through each step. Patients can reach out to the pharmacy at (217)383-8700 to check on their prescription status.

Information on prescription substitution

In the event that a medication is unavailable, the staff will contact the prescribing doctor to find a suitable substitution. If a suitable substitution is unavailable, the pharmacist will initiate a transfer (see below for more information).

How to transfer a prescription to another pharmacy

If a prescribed medication is not available at Carle Specialty Pharmacy and no suitable substitution is available after consulting with the physician, if the patient is moving, or would like to use another pharmacy service, the pharmacist will initiate a prescription transfer to another in-network pharmacy as requested. Pharmacy staff will inform the patient of the prescription transfer and how the patient can get in touch with the other pharmacy to ensure continuity of care.

How to handle medication recalls

Drug manufacturers may issue drug recalls to remove medication from the market due to defectiveness or potential harm. A pharmacy staff member will contact the patient and the prescriber if there is a recall that affects the medication dispensed.

How to dispose of medications

Pharmacy staff will educate the patient on the importance of proper disposal of medication based on state and federal laws and regulations. Most specialty medications should not be thrown in the trash, flushed down the toilet, or poured into the sink. Pharmacy staff recommends the patient bring any biohazardous medications back to physician’s office or the drug collection site for proper disposal. Injectable medication should be disposed of in a sharps container.

How to handle adverse reactions

If the patient is experiencing any adverse reactions or has any safety concerns regarding the medications we dispensed, the patient should contact Carle Specialty Pharmacy at (217)383-8700 to inform staff, who will then determine the best course of action to take to ensure patient safety.

How to report concerns or errors

At Carle Specialty Pharmacy, we make every effort to provide our patients with the highest level of care. If you have any feedback about the service you received, or would like to report any concerns or errors, please contact Patient Relations. There is a form available at where you can send us feedback about your experience at Carle. You can also call Patient Relations at (855)655-8252 or (217)383-3333 to share a compliment, complaint, or quality of care concern.